Vista Greenway

On Thursday I walked the Vista Greenway with a few folks. Some ideas are so good that they even overwhelm your cynicism about anyone having good ideas that aren't self-interested. This is one of them. Apparently there is an old rail road line that runs between Elmwood Park and the Vista. It isn't used anymore but the tunnels and embankment are in great shape. Since walking from the Elmwood Park neighborhood to the Vista for dinner, coffee, shopping, or my favorite, ice cream, necessitates crossing two four/six lane roads, an urban greenway seems reasonable.

What makes this idea even better is that a group of city residents along with some neighborhood associations has made the greenway a possibility. They still need some funding from the City of Columbia, but the genesis of the idea began on the street with regular people dreaming together and then claiming that dream as a reason to start. Plenty of people have ideas, some even more brilliant than this one, but not many people dare to start. We need more of this spirit if the Kingdom of God is going to come.

Read this article for all the details