Downtown Proverb #3

Iterate live

As you can see, we have a new website. The old site was always destined to be a placeholder until we determined which platform met our needs long term. We bounced around from one idea to another over the last four months. We knew blogging, photography, and a professional looking design were all important considerations. The platform also had to be easy to manage. So here we are, using a wordpress site with a theme we purchased and customized.

We did it ourselves, without any help, in real time. We are iterating live. It's clumsy sometimes and messy all the time, but it's us.

The other option was to park it until it's perfect and complete. If we did that we would miss out on your feedback along the way. And I know from experience that the pursuit of perfection often gets in the way of starting.

The web-site is like our church. We are iterating Downtown Church live. It is becoming the church it's supposed to be through being a church right now. It feels clumsy sometimes, especially when we try something and it doesn't work, but we don't know any better. Besides, it's boring the other way.