First Reveal: preview worship service

I always feel as if I should pray more and that I should be more disciplined in my prayer. I haven’t met a single person who is satisfied with the frequency or consistency of this practice. But after last night’s Reveal preview worship service I also feel guilty that my prayers are too small. Last week we scrambled to do a few things well in preparation for Sunday:

  • print a program that people wouldn’t throw away
  • write a sermon that wouldn’t put people to sleep
  • order a service that wasn’t disjointed
  • offer excellent child care
  • organize an after-party at Blanding Street for our core group
That meant not doing some things ordinary to a worship service. But even this short list demanded an extraordinary effort and extra hours from our staff and core group. My prayer on Friday was tiny. I asked God to not let the Chapel feel empty and that we would learn one thing about hosting worship.

I should have prayed bigger. The Chapel was full and God showed up to make sure we had worship (not just worship practice). Last night was another sign that our best effort will never be enough unless we also save some room for God to join us. We need to pray bigger, not just more often.