Downtown Church

Sundays 9 + 10:30 am | 2030 Gregg St




Being busy at church shouldn’t be confused with faithfulness. Beyond Sunday mornings, life at DTC is simple so it will be sustainable. Start with Discover Downtown then reserve a seat at Total Table. If you want to skip ahead, go straight to a Home Group. There is a place for all the ages to learn, serve, listen, and be heard. Connect when you are ready.



Register for the next Discover Downtown. Occasionally our pastor hosts an extra-special dinner party for new people to meet other new people and get acquainted with the past, present and future of the church. If you are interested in membership or just interested, come pass through.


Whether it’s a warm smile and a slamming  cookie or fixing bikes and helping with DTKids, there is a place for you to serve with us. We need you to share your hands, heart, and mind right now. Select from  a menu of options or just tell us what makes you bounce and we'll point you in the right direction. 

Join a HOme group

August is open enrollment season for Home Groups. New Home Groups are forming and current Home Groups are expanding to make room for you if it's time to take your DOWNTOWN CHURCH experience beyond Sunday morning worship. Click on for the details and online registration.


Be careful going through this trap door. Behind it is a maze. And after the maze comes a labyrinth with caves. The blog is where we stack everything happening now and later. Start here if you want to see what's behind this glossy front page. You'll roll your eyes, ask why they did that, and maybe eventually laugh.


Mark Your Calendars

Ash Wednesday | March 6 | 6 pm

Palm Sunday | April 14 | 9 + 10:30 am

Good Friday | April 19 | 7 pm

Easter Sunday | April 21 | 9 + 10:30 am