Downtown Proverb #2

Downtown proverbs are an inside peek into the life of Downtown Church, our way of being, and the emerging values that inform our culture. We realize them as we go along. # 2 Before you ask what’s wrong with them, ask what’s wrong with us.

If an initiative, idea, small group, worship service, or program falls flat and nobody shows up, lives aren’t transformed, and the kingdom of God isn’t anymore present, the leaders in the church (especially the pastor) should ask what didn’t work and why. Did the sermon stink? Did we communicate effectively? Did we listen? Did we try? Did we care? Did we pray?

People give their church the benefit of the doubt because they are invested in a way that isn’t fleeting. That is grace. Sometimes we take their grace for granted as leaders and when things don’t work out the way we anticipated, we blame everyone but ourselves. It’s easy to conclude that a lack of creativity, commitment, generosity, or courage on the part of “them” is to blame for an empty sanctuary, small group, or offering plate. Trust me, I’ve done it.

What’s harder is considering how creative, committed, generous, and courageous you were/are as a leader.