Suzanne, our do-everything staff assistant, wrote a reflection on the past few weeks. Here it is: A tornado blew through downtown Columbia yesterday. You may have missed it. It wasnʼt reported on the news. It didnʼt cause any damage - at least no visible damage. In fact, I think only one person realized it had happened. Staff Assistant, Suzanne Mueller, was the only witness to Tornado Disasa at the headquarters of Downtown Church Wednesday afternoon. Thinking they were just catching up on to-doʼs for the church, Suzanne was struck by a torrent a new ideas emanating from Tornado Disasa. Obviously the feng shui of the new office has percolated Amosʼ creative juices.

But thatʼs why this job never gets boring. And thatʼs why we are beginning to document this journey -- because it moves so fast and furious if we donʼt, weʼll never remember all the amazing things that have happened along the way.

The first BIG project we can check off as completed (almost) is the upfit of the Blanding St. space. The World Headquarters, the Retreat, the Basecamp for Downtown Presbyterian Church. Itʼs far more than just office space for the staff; we hope it becomes a sanctuary of sorts in the bustling city center. It should be a place for folks to gather, rest, reflect, laugh, learn and grow. We want to bring the city and the church together at this little intersection. God has given us the space and we will honor that by finding creative ways to use it for His work.

The people who have made this happen are numerous and a testimony to Godʼs provision for the church. Martin Moore at CBRE who made us an offer we couldnʼt refuse on the space. Sandra Johnson, also at CBRE, who has managed the upfit project. Sarah Roddey, who has donated her mad design skills to give us a warm, inviting space even using the mismatched donated furniture we gave her to work with. Brad Allen, wow, spraying the ceilings, stripping the floors over and over and over, you name it, heʼs done it. David Asiamah and Jeff Amberg have both donated art to feature on our walls. Trey Price at ACE glass, who gave us a sweetheart deal on the glass wall. Buz Teas who donated plumbing fixtures. Drew Carilli installed our blinds for free. Larry Bates from our Guidance Team planted our front beds.... Everyday, we get blown away by the tornado winds of goodness and kindness and the gifts that folks bring to the table because they believe in the vision of this church. From the bottom of our hearts...thank you.