Downtown Proverb #1

Preparation is important but if we prepared too well, we’d miss the learning that can only be acquired by making mistakes and taking the time to acknowledge them. Through this organic process we’ve developed a culture. Over the next several weeks we’ll share what we have learned in a series of blog posts called Downtown Proverbs. It’s an inside peek into the life of Downtown Church, our way of being, and the emerging values that inform our culture. #1 Scale One Person at a Time

The magic of technology coupled with the pressure to sustain momentum and grow can confuse any entrepreneur. What’s easier, to sit at your computer and blast an e-newsletter to hundreds of people, or to sit in a coffee shop with one person and share your vision over an hour long conversation?

Each day we must answer this question. Sure you can reach more people, cheaper, and faster with the email and it’s critical that we communicate well and often, but when you are introducing something new to an instinctively cynical world, emails aren’t enough.

Scaling one person at a time is slow, but when real relationships, with God and others, is the product you are pushing, relating to actual people is a good start.