Go ahead, say it... I dare you.

Two words we don't say often enough... What if "What if" means thinking of problems, issues, life in a completely new way. It means getting out of our heads, out of the box we feel confined in or comfortable in and seeing something in a new light. It means not just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It means daring to dream big.

So what would that look like for your church?

What if...

church was fun?

you knew everyone in your church? really knew them.

your church outfit didn't matter?

your kids liked to go?

the sermon made sense?

you clapped? ( I know that's a stretch for Presbyterians) you laughed?


So what would it look like in your own life?

What if...

work didn't feel like work?

you tried something new at least once a week?

you did something you were scared to do?

Go ahead, dream it, I dare you…