Smothered Covered and Scattered

Smothered Covered & Scattered No, that's not my hash brown order at the Waffle House. It is, unfortunately, the state of my sad, tired, old, overworked, sleep-deprived brain. It's been a week that even Calgon couldn't take me away from.  We all have 'em; and for mother's of school-age children, May is the new December and seems to be especially ripe for mind-losing.

The details of my week would bore you, but highlights include locking my children out of the house....again, Tweeting myself...and only myself; and deleting "forgiveness of sins" from the Apostles' Creed in the worship bulletin. Now it WAS hot the day the kids got locked out; but they're young, they'll survive. And while tweeting oneself is a little embarrassing, nobody got hurt. But removing "forgiveness of sins" from our creed? That's big. I have single-handedly negated Easter and rewritten Christianity. You might get away with leaving out "the holy catholic church" or "the communion of Saints", but "forgiveness of sins"? I've just given Jesus no reason to live - or die - or be resurrected. Luther and Calvin are rolling in their graves.

Thank you, Lord for having my back with a good friend who proofed before printing. Thank you, Lord for having my back day after day with all of my missteps, miscues and misfires. I'm full of 'em.