Sermons are online

Our first Reveal preview worship service last month was great. However we didn't remember to count how many people came and we didn't remember to record the service. This coming Sunday both of those problems will be fixed. Someone will count and someone will record. As a test run, we posted a recent sermon of mine from March when I preached in NC at my buddy Noel's church. It was a Baptist Church so I didn't wear a robe. My super special preacher powers that come along with the robe were absent, but to make up for it the Baptists help the preacher out by nodding in agreement every once in a while and saying Amen out loud. The instant feedback more than made up for the missing robe.

We will start podcasting the sermons from The Reveal beginning this Sunday. For now, listen to "The Other Side" from John 21.

And then keep your eye on our Media page for future sermons.


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