LISTEN | Music at DTC

“Hey Lindsay-Blair, what’s your musical background...and how do you pick music for worship?”

I get asked these questions with such regularity that I thought I should probably come clean with my not-so-glamorous answer.  Let’s hope you don’t regret asking.


I would be lying if I told you I have a vast musical repertoire or sweeping knowledge of the subject; that I’m up-to-date on the latest, hottest albums that are about to drop; that I spend all my free time at concerts and live-music joints; or that music is constantly playing in the background of my life. My husband can attest to the fact that I probably know fewer general musician facts (read: basics) than the average person. I don’t know how to read music.  I have no formal musical training. I didn’t even start singing until I was in high school.

If you’re wondering how on earth I landed a job as the Music Director of DTC, it’s probably a legit question. As a mom of three littles and trauma therapist on-the-side, I volunteered with the DTC band for a couple years to scratch my artistic itch.  I loved it, and a few years later, I unintentionally fell into the job I never even knew I wanted. Now, I can hardly imagine doing anything else.

And so, when it comes to selecting music, I rest on what I know best -- the feels. If a potential song moves me, in body or soul, it’s a contender for worship.  It’s really as simple as that. When a song wraps me in comfort or surprises my senses, it goes on the playlist. If I spontaneously envision one of my friends being touched or challenged by a song -- it’s the one.  And those songs that give me full-body chills? Oh, there’s an extra-special list for those. Spiritual music? Top 40 hits? Original music written by band members? Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- is off limits.  It’s just gotta give me the feels.

Generally, I know it when I hear it.  Or someone I trust does. And that’s because good music has this amazing potential to take us on unexpected journeys to emotional depths that words alone sometimes cannot. I thank God that our church has always valued music as equally significant to all other parts of a worship experience.  I think that’s why many of us landed here in the first place. We need music to give meaning to all the things we can’t figure out how to say.

On Wednesday, we begin the season of Lent. For forty days, we will be moved closer to Easter. During this season, we invite you to listen to some good music. We’ve created a Spotify playlist for you to marinate in the mystery of this season and ponder the depth of our God’s love.  And maybe you’ll laugh out loud as you listen. Or cry. Or question. There’s no right answer regarding how exactly you’ll feel — and isn’t that the beauty of it?

Click here to listen.

~Lindsay-Blair Simmons, Director of Music

Jeannie Sullivan