MAR 24 | Rerun Moving Day


Central Energy won't be complete until we move our bicycles to our new home! Thanks to Paul Hernandez, who will orchestrate said move, ReRun is getting a Re-Boot in our new location. 

What's ReRun?
It's so kind of you to ask. ReRun is our bicycle ministry. We take in bikes that have been forgotten in attics and basements and storage bins and we give them a new life. Read more here.

How can I help?
Saturday, March 24, 2019 is moving day. We'll load up the trailer, travel to Bert Kemper's storage, load up bicycles, etc, travel back to CE, and unpack.

So I don't need to know how to fix a bike to come?
Correct. You picked up what we're putting down.

I'll be there! What else do I need to know?

  • We'll meet Saturday, March 24th from 12:00-3:00 PM

  • Park on the street or across from Central Energy, you'll find us, we promise.

  • Wear old clothes, closed toe shoes, eye protection, gloves and nose masks if you've got them.