Ashes To the Face


We don't talk openly about our death. In fact, it is culturally appropriate to avoid it all costs. We worship life instead. We also don't make a habit of drawing on each other's faces with oily ashes.

Death and ashes, both things we avoid all year round, except on the day we put them together and call it Ash Wednesday in the Christian Church. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. It is the day we remember the fragility of life and admit our dependence on God in both life and death. 

Growing up, I would come fresh from the soccer field, ash on my cold-cracked knees to the chapel to receive ashes. As weird as the ritual was to me as a teenager, I got it. I got the significance of being reminded that I am not invincible. I was drawn to the mystery of standing in a line with people of all ages, waiting to receive ashes to the face and hear those sacred words, "From ashes you came, to ashes you will return."

We observe Ash Wednesday at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. In the evening, during an intimate worship service, we listen to music and set our selves into the rhythm of Lent, the season in which we prepare for Jesus' death and resurrection, our death and resurrection, too. 

Central Energy
Wednesday, March 6, 2019
6:00 PM


Will there be food?
No. We encourage you to grab dinner with friends, new and old, afterwards. 

Can I bring my kid(s)?
It depends on your kid and what they are ready for. This is a somber service and can be a really intimate experience for you to talk with your child about death. Use your own judgment on what your child is ready for at this time. Ash Wednesdays are constant, so rest assured that if this isn't the year, there will be another. 

Do I keep the ashes on my face afterwards?
I like to. It is a rare moment when we bear a visible mark of our faith to the world. It's uncomfortable, but sometimes uncomfortable is good for us. 

Can I get my ashes earlier in the day?
I'm sure you can. We're offering them in the evening. 

Do I have to come to Ash Wednesday to participate in Lent at DTC?
No. We mark the beginning of Lent together with worship, but you can experience Lent without coming to Ash Wednesday. 

Will there we other special services during Lent?

Yes. We’ll have a Good Friday service at 7 PM on 4/19 at Central Energy. Also plan to join us on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday at both 9 + 10:30 am.

Anything else I should know?

Glad you asked. We put together a special Lent Playlist just for you.