Downtown Proverb #4

[box style="rounded" border="full"]Downtown proverbs are an inside peek into the life of Downtown Church, our way of being, and the emerging values that inform our culture. We realize them as we go along.[/box]

Downtown Proverb #4: When we meet, we will eat.

When you organize a gathering at mealtime you will be expected to provide food. As the organizer you can view this expectation as an unfortunate burden and additional cost, or you can embrace it as an opportunity.

If you choose the former the food will be sufficient as a source of energy, but it will lack soul. If will be functional but not spiritual.

If you choose the latter it will require more time, creativity, and work. Meaning, it will demand a sacrifice from someone. The table at the Last Supper did not set itself and Papa Johns does not deliver to Jerusalem.

Good food offered with a dash of sacrifice is a means of grace. Good food does not need a translator. It brings people together.

So when we meet, we will eat, well.