RECAP | yOUTH w a lower case y

Earlier this spring, we kicked off a new initiative: yOUTH with a lower case y. We didn't give you much notice, we just felt a call to start something new and you must have, too, for looking back over the last few months, we are in awe of what yOUTH has become. yOUTH and their parents, thank you for entrusting your time and faith to us. We had a lot of fun with you.

Some highlights:

  • No visits to the Emergency Room.
  • We bought stock in sour gummy worms after seeing the middle schoolers' addiction to them. 
  • We got to laugh a LOT at the quick wit of DOWNTOWN yOUTHs.

When we started, we wrote this youth ethos:

We want yOUTH to leave DTC with:

  • A basic understanding of scripture (they should know Jeremiah was a prophet and that there are four gospels)
  • A deep sense of God's unwavering love (there is nothing they can do to change God's mind)
  • The grammar, permission, and courage to pray
  • An exposure to real models at DTC of people that are faithfully following the way of Jesus 
  • Meaningful experiences of service to others that require risk
  • The skill to interpret the world and culture through the lens of the Gospel
  • Permission to doubt and ask questions
  • Confidence that despite their relative youth, they were afforded the same respect as adults and we took them seriously.
  • A reformed understanding of how call and vocation are connected (your job is one way that you will follow Jesus)

We've seen definite movement toward these goals over the last few months together.  If you feel like you need some more time to get there.... COME ON BACK! We will kickoff a new year of yOUTH with a lower case y on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Watch our yOUTH only webpage for details to come or print this to put on your refrigerator right now.

If you can't wait until the fall, we cannot either!

Here are the ways we are connecting over the summer:

Contact Kara Glenn for more information or to register.