RECESS | July 2 and 9

For the last few years, on the two Sundays surrounding July 4, DOWNTOWN CHURCH pressed pause on Sunday worship to celebrate Recess. This year, on July 2 and July 9, DTC will not meet for Sunday worship.

Still, Recess is not a break from worship. It's an invitation to experiment with worship, to do it with different people, in whatever manner you determine is appropriate.  True, some of you will sleep or brunch, or bike, through the two weeks without Sunday worship. That's fine. You can do that anyway, any Sunday, because you are growns up and we don't keep score by taking attendance.

To help you see how two straight Sundays of no church can be re-imagined as a spiritual practice and to help you accept the strangeness of not doing church as nothing to fear (we believe other churches will be open and you will be allowed to enter them) see our Recess page for all you need.