HEADS UP | Leave Kids at 701

I Wish I Was 6

It's not our practice to serve as a community bulletin board.

It sounds inhospitable, but we can't say yes to every request to promote an event, meeting, bake sale, fundraising drive, and silent auction tangentially connected to the mission of DOWNTOWN CHURCH.

So, we say no. All the time. And we reserve the right to make exceptions when we can't say no to someone who has been saying yes to us every Sunday for the last six years.

Soon we will leave 701 Whaley for our own space. Between now and then, we will honor the hospitality we've been afforded as often as we can. In this case, it's easy cause they want us to tell our parents about affordable summer art workshops that the 701 Center for Contemporary Art will be hosting.

I checked out the workshops on this web page and immediately wished I was 6 so I could attend.

The link to sign up and review all the workshops is above. If you aren't between the ages of 6-10 and want to learn how to transform plastic into wearable art, like me, send an email to the organizers at director@701cca.org and tell em to stop discriminating on the basis of age.


Amos Disasa