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SERMON | God Is Doing A New Thing

“The greatness, mercy, and fullness of God has no limitations.  Just because God brought us through challenges once, that doesn’t mean he can’t do it again. When we stay stuck in the past, we lose focus on what God is doing now. It’s time for us to perceive that God is doing a new thing.  A new thing, right now.”

Preacher: Charles Weathers
Date: April 07, 2019
Scripture:   Isaiah 43:16-21

SERMON | God Can Swim

"God choose to dwell in the fullness of humanity to the extent that even God had to play by the rules on the cross. No water, no life. I am thirsty, I am dying. The water, at the beginning and the end."

Date: January 13, 2018
Preacher: Amos Disasa
Text: Isaiah 43:1-7

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