Your support matters

We approach finances differently. “Tithe” isn’t a word you’re going to encounter here. We’re about as likely to mount a traditional stewardship campaign as we are a political one. And positioning Downtown Church in competition with any of the charities you support runs completely counter to how we feel those in need are best helped.

Giving to Downtown Church isn’t about status. Or penance. Or percentages. It’s simply about sustainability — individuals deciding to keep pastors preaching, singers harmonizing, home groups meeting and coffee brewing.

This will never be a church that stratifies people on the basis of their material gifts. But without people who reflect genuinely on their role as contributors, our ability to remain a church will always be in question.

This kind of reflection is private. It’s personal. But it’s not complicated. And, for many, it can be framed in a single question: Am I giving in proportion to what I’m getting?



What's the difference between recurring and single gifts?

Recurring gifts are debited monthly for 12 consecutive months beginning on the date you sign up for recurring giving. Single gifts are debited once.

Is my financial information safe?

Yes. Downtown Church does not have access to any of your credit card or bank information. We use for payment processing and is our giving platform. Your information is maintained on their servers which utilize the same security standards as your bank. 

How do I get statements to do my taxes?

We send contribution statements at the end of the third quarter and at year's end.



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Most Recent Financial Report

The button below will take you straight to see how the church accountant records our income and expenses. Have fun and let us know if there is information you'd like to see that is missing.

Self assesment

Some of us are more compelled to share after we chart a path on a flowchart. This proprietary giving assesment won't tell you what to do, but it can tell you why you don't.

Get Help With Kindful

Our online giving platform is powerful, like a gentle giant. To take advantage of all the benefits and access your account, click on through.