Unwrap Advent is currently Sold Out.

If you placed an order it will arrive before Advent Starts.

| ˈadˌvent | noun [in singular]

  • the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event
  • the first season of the Christian year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays

How do you unwrap gifts? It’s not a trick question but it might be revealing.

Do you use scissors and go slow, hoping to reuse the paper or at a minimum, not damage the goods yet to be revealed? Or, do you make a scene, overcome with excitement, ignorant of the innocent bystander that just got hit in the face by your out-of-control hands?

Advent is coming. It is a gift of time. And even time, especially time, must be unwrapped at the right pace; not too fast or the fragile gift may break, not too slow or it may spoil.

This year we packaged Advent in a real box. It’s our best attempt to package the gift of time, the season of soul preparation in advance of Christmas.

Each box contains enough to help you tell time and make it pass with meaning. Do it alone or with everyone in your home. It is a gift from you right now to your advent self, arriving at your door in time for you to unwrap time.

Sample of Box Contents (more to come)

  • A 5x7 Card to open each week of Advent. Cards contain scripture + prayer + custom artwork

  • DTC Styled Music Playlist 

  • DIY Advent Wreath with Candles 

  • Merry Merry Cocoa Mix