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Two weeks ago, Dawn preached a sermon about money and love. You can listen to it here. Spoiler alert: in the mix up of love and money, love came first.

In the interest of transparency, we want to show you where your money goes at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. The original art by Maria Fabrizio is beautiful, but not every number made it in there. Big budget numbers sometimes don't mean much on a personal level so here are some numbers that might be interesting:

  • 160 households give on repeat, on the automatic, online

  • 133 is how many dollars it costs to have freshly roasted coffee each Sunday

  • 802 is how many dollars it costs to keep your kids each Sunday

  • 8 is how many dollars that chair you sit in costs

If you love your people and what we create together at DOWNTOWN CHURCH, do your part to keep it going. For info on the best ways to give you can contact our Director of Keeping it Tight, Susanna Young, or better yet, donate online.