They say a change will do you good.

Do you love change or hate it?

That's one of those litmus test questions we use to define ourselves. It's up there with, Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a Type A or whatever the other type is? High maintenance or laid back? Creamy or extra crunchy? We like to put people in neat little categories. It helps us, we think, sum up who they are. But I've never been able to decide if I love change or hate it. I do both. Sometimes at the same time.

Downtown Church quietly celebrated a milestone last week. We have been at this weekly worship service gig for a full year. Yep, 52 Sundays of sermons, music, programs, coffee pots, chair set-up, counting offering and welcoming people.... We are still in the same location at 701 Whaley. We still have the same pastor. And we still have great coffee and fresh cookies every Sunday. But other than that, an awful lot has changed.

We used to set up 100 chairs on Sunday mornings, now we set up 250 and contemplate buying more. The band has changed make-up and musical style. Small groups have formed. A mission trip has been taken. The staff has more than doubled. All of this change has been thrilling and frightening, energizing and exhausting....all at the same time. It has challenged us to think big and to think fast. To be creative and to be okay with letting things go. To trust ourselves AND most importantly to trust God. After all, this is His work. He's just invited us to join along.

Eventually, the location and perhaps even the pastor may change. But one thing I know will remain constant - this church, in a downtown of churches on every corner, will continue to believe that God has much to say that is fresh and relevant.