An Advent Prayer

This morning I stumbled upon a "Morning Dedication" prayer that seems appropriate not only for every day, but especially in this season of advent where we are reminded that Christ will return to our broken world and make all that is wrong, right. Hopefully this prayer will uplift some of your spirits and direct your thoughts Heavenward as it did mine. From The Valley of Vision

part of a prayer of "Morning Dedication":

"In needful transactions let my affections be in Heaven, And my love soar upwards in flames of fire, My gaze fixed on unseen things, My eyes open to the emptiness, fragility, Mockery of the Earth and its vanities. May I view all things in mirror of eternity, Waiting for the coming of my Lord, Listening for the last trumpet call, Hastening unto the new Heaven and Earth. Order this day all my communications according to thy wisdom, And to the gain of mutual good. Forbid that I should not be profited or made profitable. May I speak each word as if my last word, And walk each step as my final one. If my life should end today, let this be my best day."