Suzanne's Top 10

I have the greatest job. It is so much FUN. Everyday. On a recent trip, I was in the car alone (ahhhh...), and thought about all the things I've learned in the first 7 months on the job. I'm no David Letterman, but here's my top 10 no particular order: 1. Don't wait for permission. If you do, you'll still be waiting this time next year. Just go!

2. No amount of preparation or research takes the place of doing the work. You just have to start - and that's the hardest part. Push the button. Write the words. Make the call.

3. Nothing is more empowering to the creative process than permission to fail. In fact, failure and mistakes are part of success.

4. There is something spiritual in the things of daily life.

5. When making a decision, always ask yourself - am I being true to who I am (we are)? If not, scrap it.

6. Amos has a SEVERE weakness for cupcakes.

7. An old dog CAN learn new tricks. Call me Fido.

8. If you build it, they will indeed come. And they'll stay. And stay. They may not go home!

9. Nothing is better than the look on someone's face when what you are doing is so new, so innovative, that it just blows their mind.

10. Work should be fun. Church should be fun.