Good Ideas and Ideas

Not every thought that we have is implemented. All of our ideas are initially crude messes that get refined over time before they are shared publicly. The "public",we've realized, is not as crazy or weird as we are and that's a good thing. But sometimes our instincts let us down and ideas are pursued a little further than they probably should. Recently we I determined that it's time for another social gathering on the same scale as our April Open House. The rationale was fine, but the result was suspect enough to go back to the drawing board. Fortunately, for your sake, the concept was pursued long enough to warrant an invitation video. Before you view it know that I accept all responsibility for anything that's weird, bizarre, or frightening about this video. I had an equally insane co-conspirator but I'll save him the ridicule by not sharing his name outright. However, if you can break this super secret code it will be clear who to blame for the shaky camera action: DaViD sLoAn.