In the Belly of the Whale

Sometimes, like Jonah, we wake up to surprisingly find ourselves in the belly of the whale. It doesn't matter how you got there - whether of your own making or not. But you look around - and everything is unfamiliar. It's cold...dark...scary. And not only do you have no idea how you'll get out, you have no idea what to do while you're there. Do you kick and scream and fight your way out? Do you make yourself as comfortable as possible while you're there? Maybe redecorate, invite a few friends over, and just hope to distract yourself until it's over? Either way, when you wind up back on shore, you won't have learned anything and may be destined to repeat the past.

Option 3. You may need to sit back and wait. And listen. And grow. That's hard. It would be easier to fight or ignore until things get better. But I believe God honors our time in the belly.