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What is a home group?

The name says it all. The content is the conversation which will begin at the previous Sunday's sermon topic and scripture. There won't be any homework other than to listen to the sermon and/or read the scripture if you missed church. Each group will have 8-12 participants. After you register and before the group launches, you'll find out who is in your group.

Who can come?

Anybody. Home Groups are multigenerational and consist of Downtowners at all stages of life - married, with kids, single, students. The groups will be intentionally diverse. The only requirement is that you be prepared to share life with others and be committed to the development of your faith in the midst of authentic community.

Who leads the Home Groups?

They are led by gifted facilitators. Leading groups isn't easy and your experience, good or bad, will be dependent on the quality of the leadership. We invite our group leaders early and train them well. They've been preparing to be with you way before you even knew what a home group was.

Where will we meet?

The groups meet at the home of your group host. You'll find out where that is when group assignments are made prior to launch.

When do they start and end?

Home groups start in September and stay together through May. 

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