Home groups are not classes, you can’t pass or fail. Time is made for study, reflection, prayer, and laughter.

Home groups are multi-generational on purpose. Have a boo, spouse, partner or best friend who will always be coming with you? Sign up together in the form below. Have kids? Bring 'em. We'll work with your group leaders to make sure that all ages are engaged and cared for as part of the experience.

Jesus was a man in demand in early Jerusalem and as comfortable in front of crowds of thousands as he was in front of the temple leaders. Yet, Jesus traveled with a smaller crew - his disciples - for comfort, friendship, and encouragement. And that's where he did most of his work, with his crew. If it was good enough for Jesus, could sharing in a small group experience while we travel the journey of faith be helpful for us?

A few things you should know:

  • We promise not to put you in a group with your friends.

  • We promise not to put you in a group based in your age.

  • We promise not to put you in a group where the leader asks Jesus trivia questions that highlight his/her superior knowledge of the Bible. 

  • We can't promise that your group will be awesome. Some of them wither away and die because people made a lukewarm commitment at the onset.

Groups for Fall 2019:

Old School Home group: Meet twice a month, sometimes use B-sides

New School Service Home Group: This new group will focus their efforts and meetings around serving the community in Columbia. Our hope is that this group will integrate into the area near bullstreet and connect with one another through service.

Enrollment for Home Group is now closed. If you’d like to get on the waitlist, send a quick email and let us know.