COMING SOON | Happy or Not

I read about a computer with four buttons that I'm going to recommend to every church in the whole world.

The computer is called HappyorNot. The base model comes with four buttons and sign holder. On the sign you write one question. The question is answered by pressing one of the four buttons stamped with a face and color that clearly corresponds to your level of happiness.

It was designed for companies to gauge customer satisfaction in real time, anonymously.

Instead of getting a receipt promising a free drink if you go online and complete a survey about your experience at Macdonalds, imagine being able to push one button on your way out the door. I know which one I’m probably doing.

True science - HappyorNot kiosks are 12 million times more likely to be used than receipts with codes promising 1 million dollars of your next order at Bojangles if you go online and complete a survey.

As a preacher, I could use honest feedback. Most people that attend your church like you too much to tell you the truth that your sermon was poor, turning their smile upside down and their face red. 

I’m checking on the price now. You might see one in church Sunday. If it’s a bad idea, I guess I’ll know right away.