FIELD TRIP | Canoeing For Kids

Photo by  Michael Niessl  on  Unsplash

DTK is going on a FIELD TRIP! Join us on May 6th from 12:30-2:30 for a Paddleround! 

We will put boats in at the Canoeing For Kids facility, paddle upstream and float back downstream to the facility. Staff will teach riders to paddle and several staff members will accompany the group at all times when on the water. 

For ages 5-8 and parent riders.

The trip includes canoe or kayak, life jacket, safety instruction and any needed coaching.  DTK will provide snack food. We encourage families to have lunch before they arrive.

Note: You must enter the TOTAL number of adults and kids who plan to get in a boat in the "Quantity" field below. Thanks!

Special Instructions

Riders will probably get wet.  They should wear anything that is comfortable for them (shirts/shorts/jeans, swimsuits).  Please wear shoes that can get dirty. Flip flops are not allowed. Electronics should be left in the car as they will get damaged if taken on the water.  Bring towels and water bottles.

Release Form

Parents, please print and sign this release form and bring it with you on May 6th.

*Canoeing For Kids raises funds to work with disadvantaged children across South Carolina. One-hundred percent of your fee will help provide trips for children who cannot pay for this opportunity in the outdoors.