Easter Lilies for Easter

The beauty of the Easter lily is apparent. It captures your eye with it's simple composition and hopeful posture. We considered researching what makes an Easter lily unique. Did God make other lilies? Perhaps. But none are as graceful or marketable as the Easter lily. That is a fact. But you already know this because you are reading a blog post about a flower - right now - when there are other things you should be doing.

This Easter, take your fascination of Easter lilies to the next level by purchasing a lily for display at  701 Whaley on Easter morning during worship.

Imagine how sad Easter would look if there was only one lily?

You can purchase one in honor of yourself, but beware, the names of Easter lily owners will be printed in the program. Suggestion: avoid scornful stares, be nice, and purchase a lily in honor or memory of someone else. Use the form below.

Easter lily purchasing has ended for Sunday.