BLOG | Sean Thomson, Everybody!

The bearded music man you see on Sundays lately is none other than Sean Thomson. No need to be afraid. We did not find him on a street corner in the mountains just a’pickin’ and a’grinnin’- or at least we will not tell you that. Sean and I go way back. For several years I have had the pleasure of calling Sean my band-mate, and I have introduced him on many stages in Columbia and the South East, but this introduction is special. Sean is joining the staff at DOWNTOWN CHURCH.

I like to envision Sean as a sort of super hero, his powers including: super human knowledge of stringed instruments, playing melodies so beautiful your eyes melt into a watery substance called tears, playing in several bands at one time (The Post-Timey String Band, The Restoration, etc…) and steel fingers that don’t tire of hours of playing. So, you can see why we want him to be a part of our team.

In all seriousness, Sean is only human (not a hero or an angel), but once you have experienced him in the musical realm, you may feel lifted by his gifted hands, picking ethereal sounds that transform music into something more. Please join me in welcoming our new assistant musician to DOWNTOWN CHURCH’S family.

Sean Thomson, everybody!