Dear Downtowners,

If you missed my sermon last Sunday titled "Pour Out Your Precious", don't be ashamed. You are in good company. 129 people attended worship. Due to the time change most of the church missed it.

Initially the sight of a smaller crowd relieved my anxiety before worship. Money isn't my favorite subject for a sermon. Now that its done, I wish more of you were there.

To be sure, it wasn't a "Jesus loves you, this I know" kind-of sermon. Consequently, some squirmed at moments and most avoided eye contact after worship. But I trust that the guilt-free, shame-free approach was appreciated. I find the frequently invoked assumption that God needs or deserves our money to be dubious. Wouldn't God just take it, if that was the case.

Instead, I talked about how the church needs money, specifically DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Since we began 5 years ago many of you joined in the movement with a recurring gift. In that time, the church has grown in Sunday attendees, members, staff and budget, but many gifts have not grown with us. I hope you'll listen to the sermon below and consider how your gift honors the church as it is today. 

This week I'm going beyond the Sunday sermon to share more about our ethos regarding money on our blog. You can find the first post here. Feel free to ask questions, complain, or give me an atta-boy in the comments.