We should have written this blog post last year before Easter when 600 people came to two services. Knowing that a similarly-sized crowd of worshippers will show up Sunday, this year we determined a field guide for Easter worship at DOWNTOWN CHURCH would be helpful.

This field guide is especially suited for people who have never been to DOWNTOWN CHURCH before.

What should I wear?

Some people dress up for Easter. Some people dress up every Sunday. At DOWNTOWN CHURCH our dress code is the same as most convenience stores.

What time does worship start?

That's an interesting question. It depends on what Sunday it is. We try to start on time. On time this Sunday will be 9 or 11 - take your pick. 

What happens if I am late?

Just know this: the last person through the door reads the scripture out loud in front of everyone, while hopping on one foot.

Are children welcome?

Most certainly. We'll take care of your kids for half your service if they are at least four and younger than fourth grade.

If your little one is less than three years old, we'll take care of your him or her for the whole service. However, if you leave try to leave your kiddos with us between services while you go to brunch, we'll give them unlimited lollipops and a free bunny to take home.

You may want to get here a few minutes early because we have an automated sign in process which is only time-consuming if you have to register more than four kids. 

It's a special Sunday. Will the service be longer?

No. The service will be one hour because somebody once said church should be one hour.

Will there be an Easter egg hunt?


Where should I park?

Anywhere, except in the other church's parking lot. We will not have parking attendants wearing brightly colored vests. We also won't have a golf cart valet service. But parking is plentiful.

I'm near-sighted. Will I have to read song lyrics off a projector screen? 

No. Our service is especially designed for near-sighted people. We have no screens, and you can hold the program as close to your face as you need to.

I heard y'all use live Easter lilies as decorations. If I were to walk by one and get that yellow Easter Lily pollen dust on me, will DOWNTOWN CHURCH pay for my dry cleaning?


What's the snack situation?

It doesn't exactly qualify as brunch, but we will have petite cupcakes and coffee before, during, and after the service. The cupcakes are intended as a light snack and shouldn't be used to populate your kids' Easter baskets.

What's the music like?


What's the sermon like?


Am I gonna have to sign a guest register?

No. This means we won't be visiting you at the address we don't have the following week to greet you by a name we don't know and thank you for coming to our service.

Can I bring my own chair?


Can I bring my own cushion?


Will a stadium seat fit?


Will there be an offering?

Yes. Checks can be made out to DOWNTOWN CHURCH in advance. Or, you can give online before you go.