KNOW | Calling a Pastor

What is the process of calling a Pastor in PCUSA?

  1. The Congregation elects a Nominating Committee consisting of elders and members at large. Our Nominating Committee has 5 elders and 4 members. Read the recap of when that happened here.

  2. The Nominating Committee completes a Ministry Information Form (MIF). The MIF presents pertinent details about the church to prospective candidates, suggests skills an ideal candidate should possess, and defines the scope of the position. The MIF is a public document, much like a job description, and it defines the position and what we are looking for in a pastor.

  3. Once the Session and the Presbytery approve the MIF, it is posted for potential candidates to review.

  4. The Nominating Committee receives Pastor Information Forms (PIF) through the denominational matching system, self-referrals, and recommendations from other important people with many LinkedIn connections.

  5. The Nominating Committee reviews the PIFs (everybody else in the world calls them resumes with a cover letter) and selects some individuals to interview. The Nominating Committee will also listen to or watch the sermons available online from the candidates they interview.

  6. A smaller number of candidates will be invited to Columbia to interview the church and be interviewed by the committee.

  7. Pray.

  8. The committee extends a call (job offer) to a candidate.

  9. If they say yes, see #10. If they say no, go back to either #4 or #5.

  10. The committee asks the Session to call a congregational meeting to present its nominee. The congregation then votes to accept the recommendation or not.

  11. The Associate Pastor-elect is examined by the Presbytery and upon the approval of that body the Pastor is installed in a service of worship.

Who is on the Nominating Committee?

  • Lindsay Joyner- (“resting”) Elder, Committee Chair

  • Blanche Richey

  • Leyden Hane

  • Kara Glenn (also “resting” Elder)

  • Liz Brewer

  • Charles Weathers - Elder

  • George Jenkins - Elder

  • Kristen Vick - Elder

  • Frank Mood - Elder

  • Dawn Hyde - Ex Oficio

What is the difference between a plain old Pastor and an Associate Pastor?

An Associate Pastor is a pastor who has a particular scope of ministry. This pastor will oversee the faith formation at DOWNTOWN CHURCH, meaning they will pay close attention to how we learn about Jesus from age 0 to age 300. This pastor will also share in some preaching and pastoral care.

Does DOWNTOWN CHURCH need another full-time Pastor?

Hey everybody! This is Dawn, your current Pastor. The answer is YES, YES, YES, YES, YES.

What is the Nominating Committee looking for in the Associate Pastor?

The committee is looking for someone who can help DTC go to the next level. This is someone who has the patience and imagination to expand our youth’s experience of church. This is someone who can meet and connect with our members and potential members where they are, in both good times and bad. This is someone who embraces challenges and has the flexibility to change directions if needed. This is someone who will provide thoughtful, insightful preaching and teaching. This is someone who can skillfully help us choose the way of Jesus so that we begin to resemble the coming Kingdom of God. And finally, this is someone must like coffee.

Where are we in the process?

#4 and #5, the first time around.