RECAP | Meeting on April 7th


The session of DOWNTOWN CHURCH had a congregational meeting for Sunday, April 7, 2019. During the meeting we established a nominating committee to do the work of hiring an Associate Pastor.  Here’s a recap in case you missed it:

Q: I think I voted yes for something at the congregational meeting on Sunday. What was I agreeing to?
A: On Sunday the congregation approved a motion from session to form the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee. This committee will begin the process to hire an Associate Pastor.

Q: Wait, so an Associate Pastor? Why aren’t we looking for a co-pastor?
A: Good question - the co-pastor model worked, and it worked really well, while we needed it. We were experiencing a unique time in the life of our church and having a co-pastor made a lot of sense. We captured lightning in a bottle with our two co-pastors and it would be difficult to manufacture that magic again in this season. That's not to say we won't have co-pastors again in the future. God is doing a new thing at Downtown Church right now and we’re excited about what’s coming our way.

Q: I think I heard something about children or youth during the congregational meeting. A: Yes! You might have noticed that there are a lot of kids crowding the cookie table during holy interruption. We recognize that children and youth are a growing part of DTC and that’s why the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee will be searching for someone to not only serve alongside Dawn in worship and pastoral care but also to cultivate the growth of our children and their families.

Q: So, will this pastor just be for kids?
A: No, though the associate pastor will oversee our kid and youth ministry, they will also offer oversight and care for our home group ministry as well as any other faith formation groups we have in the future (think advent book study, or a lent series on homelessness, total table, etc). 

Q: So what happens next? When can I expect the new pastor? 
A: They say good things take time. And we don’t know exactly how long this process will take. But we’ll keep you updated along the way - so in the meantime keep asking questions and showing up.