In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII was real concerned about the date of Easter. He ordered ten days be dropped from the month of October as well as three leap years every 400 years. These changes put Easter back where he thought it ought to be and it changed the calendar most of the world follows. Instead of the Julian Calendar, now we follow the Gregorian Calendar. Though Pope Gregory XIII had great intentions of holding the church and secular calendars together, he obviously did not predict what 2018 would hold. One look at our calendar this year and you notice three things:

  1. Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine's Day
  2. Easter falls on April Fool's Day
  3. One of our two co-pastors will be on parental leave for Lent this year. Take a guess, or read about it here.

That's right, Hallmark got all mixed up with our high holy days. We're warning you now, it might be hard to focus. 

So, this lent, our goal is to focus and do more with less. We've got more details coming soon, but for now, note these dates and times.

Ash Wednesday

  • February 14
  • Two services at 5:30 + 7:00
  • Upstairs in the Olympia Room at 701 Whaley

Maundy Thursday Holy Week Communion

  • March 29
  • 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Drop-in anytime for a taste of communion
  • The Spot on Blanding at 1415 Blanding Street

Easter Sunday

  • April 1
  • Two Services at 9:00 + 11:00
  • 701 Whaley

Lent will be different this year. No doubt about it. In our simplicity, may we encounter the truth about God and about ourselves and may we live into the grace that fills in for our broken calendar... I mean, humanity. 

NEWS + EVENTSDawn Hydelent