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Ready or not, this baby is coming soon! My due date is February 6th. And we’re excited to meet the little guy.

Since babies follow their own sneaky timeline (the one they’ve got figured out with God, but don’t tell mamas or doctors ahead of time), I’ve gone ahead to set the dates of my parental leave.

My final Sunday before taking leave will be Sunday, February 4th. I’ll take 12 weeks away from work, bringing me back into worship leadership and pastoral care at the start of May. During that time, life will go on at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. You’ll celebrate the seasons of Lent and Easter and your ears will be filled with the good news each Sunday.

You should know that my being away means that our pastoral leadership is cut in half. 50%. Not as much as you’ve grown comfy with in the last year. So, please have patience with us if it takes us a week - or two - longer to get back to you. Cut us some slack as we function with less pastoral staff. And, please, please email or call the church office instead of Amos directly with your thoughts or requests so that you have some chance of getting a response. Our church has always been growing, especially as of late. There are more of you and for a minute, half as many of us. So, we need your help making sure we have a chance to answer your call.

Email for a guaranteed response from a real person:

Or call and leave a message: 803.875.0156

Tim and I have fallen in love with this family of DOWNTOWN CHURCH. We cannot wait to introduce our son to you! Once he is here, we’ll make sure that good news gets to you.