YES | Another step towards home

On Sunday, April 9th, after worship we got real Presbyterian and had a meeting of some consequence. The three motions presented by the session included:

  1. That we accept Hughes Development's gift of the building formerly known as the Central Energy Facility at BullStreet inclusive of 1.75 acres for the purpose of establishing a new church home.
  2. That we authorize the session to negotiate a loan up to the amount of 2.5 million for the purpose of renovating the building placing a mortgage on the property.
  3. That we request Trinity Presbytery to consider and concur with the actions taken by DOWNTOWN CHURCH at the congregational meeting of April 9, 2017.

All three motions passed unanimously.

Next, we presented the financing plan and design to the Coordinating Team of Trinity Presbytery at their meeting on April 20.

They unanimously approved us.

So now on Saturday, May 6th, our Presbytery is voting on our move to Bull Street - a vital next step to making it a reality. How can you help? Show up that morning, drink a cup of coffee, and create critical mass that won't be denied. Details:

  • 9:30am at Congaree Presbyterian Church

  • 1221 Lafayette Avenue Cayce, SC, 29033 United States


If you missed the meeting you can download the fact sheet that was passed out. Click below for that piece of paper.

If you are new and need to catch up on our plans to make a new home go here