On the Tuesday (February 28) after the longest weekend at DOWNTOWN CHURCH, and the Tuesday before the long season of Lent, the rest of the city heard the news many of you heard Sunday night.

If the grapevine tells the story straight, this is what you will hear:

  • Good news: We’ve outgrown our current worship space.
  • Good news: We have somewhere to go.
  • Good news: Hughes Development is donating to us the land and a 12,731 sq ft building that was the Central Energy Facility at BullStreet. There are many steps ahead of us, but we wanted you to hear it from us.
  • Good news: In the last 60 days we talked to families and individuals at DOWNTOWN CHURCH to see if we had the capacity to pay for the renovation. We didn’t get to talk to everyone before Sunday, but the 11% of our membership that we surveyed committed $1,000,000 to the project. Yes, re-read ALL THOSE ZEROS.

Now it’s your turn.

  • High-five the stranger, the co-worker, or the imaginary friend sitting beside you right now. God is up to something good.
  • Write a check, mail a money order, or donate online to help us complete our pre-construction goal of $1,400,000. You can make a pledge payable over three years. This is real talk. We need you. The more money we raise at the start of this project, the less debt we incur. And we want to be good stewards of God’s gifts.

Take a tour

Tours of the new building are available. Use the "yes" button to send us the request and we will make it happen.


  • Step 1 | Raise Money and Take Tours
  • Step 2 | Congregational Vote
  • Step 3 | Presbytery Vote
  • Step 4 | Pending Approval, Break Ground

This is what it looks like now. Nice and Grimy.


We Made Some News

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