Since February, when we shared the good news about our new home, things have been happening. The Building Working Group has been meeting, architects have been meeting, and lawyers have been lawyering. Soon enough you will see all the quiet work being done in air-conditioned offices result in the louder work of demolition and construction at the Central Energy Facility.

So far, this happened:

  • Garvin Design Group, the architects, completed the initial design. The renovated building will be 15,000 square feet. Almost for-real-looking paintings of the new church are here.
  • Hammer Construction was named the general contractor. They have more tools than hammers. That's just the name of the company.
  • The DOWNTOWN CHURCH community has collectively pledged or donated $1,275,510 excluding in-kind donations.

Now it’s your turn.

  • High-five the stranger, the co-worker, or the imaginary friend sitting beside you right now. God is up to something good.
  • Write a check, mail a money order, or donate online to help us complete our pre-construction goal of $1,400,000. You can make a pledge payable over three years. This is real talk. We need you. The more money we raise at the start of this project, the less debt we incur. And we want to be good stewards of God’s gifts.

What is next?

  1. Demolition

  2. Construction

  3. Raise some more money (see above).

  4. Move in


This is what it looks like now. Nice and Grimy.


We Made Some News

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