As we near the end of 2017 we wanted to show you where your well-earned dollars went in the DOWNTOWN CHURCH universe. We hope you consider your money well-spent. With one month left in the year, now is the time we make up 20% of our budget. That means end of year giving is critical - no pressure.  

The graphic you see here was sent out last week in an email to downtowners with their annual giving to date. If you did not receive this by email, we might not have all your information. Consider setting up an online gift and we can help you keep track of your annual giving to DTC.  

Here are 4 ways you can help us make up that missing 20%.

  • A one-time gift through our website
  • A gift of stock through our brokerage account
  • An increase in your current recurring giving
  • A extra large check in the Sunday bowl

Contact Janie Quinn for help in making your gift or donate online.