This year Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday.

That fact doesn't matter unless you work at a church or go to church on Christmas Eve. You, church-worker, and you, Christmas Eve church-goer, get to do church twice on December 24.

The morning worship service will not be a dress rehearsal for the evening. This might create some discord in your household or your heart because this year you got three options instead of two. 

1. Attend one service
2, Attend both services
3. Attend zero services

Consider the handy-dandy chart below, which neatly lays out the options, like Christmas Eve was a car, as you determine what to do.

Morning Service Night Service
Time 10:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.
Location 701 Whaley 701 Whaley
Sun out not out
Music yes yes
Preaching yes yes
Nursery yes yes
Candles no yes
Potential for tears low high
Duration an hour an hour
Programs booklets with staples double-sided card stock
Money put in bowl by door put in basket passing by you
Seats plastic plastic