I don't like moving. All the parts of it.

Before you tell me that it's really change that I don't like and moving is just one way change happens in real life and change is inevitable so I need to get over it. Before you tell me all that, stop. I like change. You know how Oprah has her favorite things list? Well if I had one, change would be on it. 

I don't like moving, packing, unpacking, spackling, painting, stealing boxes, stocking up on newspapers, and racing all the kids in the new neighborhood to let em know what's up.

Maybe you feel the same way. Either way, once you are moderately moved in, the house and home stops being an endless to-do list and starts to become part of your life, a reflection of who you are, the people you aspire to be, and the places you've been.

So, like boats are christened and judges are sworn in when they start, it seems like we ought to be blessing houses after we're done with the moving and we start with the living.

Like we do baptisms, weddings, funerals, and celebrate communion, at DOWNTOWN CHURCH we also do House Blessings. It's a ritual acted out with liturgy we wrote. We walk through the house and bless the rooms, making the common sacred, little sanctuaries.

Contact us if you want a DOWNTOWN CHURCH pastor to come over for dinner and to do a house blessing.