Last fall I was struck with the idea that I could be doing more to encourage other people, specifically women. At the time it seemed to me that negativity was everywhere I looked. A vicious news cycle that at times demeaned women, images of desperation and despair alternating with humble bragging on Facebook and Instagram, and my own language of sarcasm and snark. I saw women in competition with each other at every turn. If we are called to build each other up, where were the building blocks of love and encouragement that would accomplish this mission?

With one eye looking for active opportunities to show love and another eye on my social media feeds I happened to stumble upon an Instagram post with a fresh idea. What if there was a place where women in need of encouragement could receive just that in the form of 10-15 letters from women of all backgrounds and life experiences? Enter, The Letter Project, sponsored by To Love Ourselves which 900+ women from across four continents write letters of encouragement, love, and support to girls and women of all ages. Any woman can request a bundle of letters for their mother, daughter, spouse, or friend with issues ranging from depression to eating disorders, from new motherhood to trouble making friends, and from loneliness to doubting faith.

I’ve been a Letter Writer for the project for the last year and the impact has been tremendous. Not only is it exciting to know I’m spreading joy and kindness in a tangible way, but I’ve also noticed a positive shift in my own perspective and outlook. I believe that there is something powerful about our words and the way they are shared. 

I invite you to join me! On Thursday, November 9th, we'll have the opportunity to write letters of support as well as meet and connect with women at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Help us use our own building blocks of love. 

~Kristen Vick, DOWNTOWN CHURCH Member

Who: Ladies of DTC (and friends)
What: Letter writing for women + dinner
When: Thursday, November 9
Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Where: The Spot on Blanding (1415 Blanding St. Suite 6)

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