Turkey is delicious. Why don't we eat it more often? Compare the breast of a turkey and a chicken. Turkey is better. The difference between the dark meat of each is amplified. Chicken legs are jealous of turkey legs. 

In honor of Turkey and the month when the first turkey was born, the theme of DOWNTOWN DRINKS for November is turkey. Do not suppress the absolute joy you just experienced upon hearing this news. Say Hooray for the turkey!

On November 3 at DOWNTOWN DRINKS there will be a turkey roller coaster, turkey-inspired wine, and straight turkeys for you to chase in the parking lot.

When you come, bring another turkey lover. You will meet strange people (like the people that thought a turkey theme was brilliant). You will also meet strangers.

In honor of the turkeys, come with a pack of brand new men's tube socks. Our neighbors without a home need socks for the coming winter. Socks are a simple thing that are too often overlooked. You know how you feel when you put on a new pair of socks? Yep, other people feel the same way.

Our signature drink will be The Drunk Uncle.

  • Location: The Spot on Blanding - 1415 Blanding Street
  • Date and Time: November 3rd, 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Kids: w/parents - dropping them off and sneaking out isn't fair