Confirmation, in true DOWNTOWN CHURCH style, has been a rather unique and organic experience this year. There were eleven youth who decided they were ready to learn about God and their faith for themselves. It was a beautiful experience to watch them grow into a real community and use each other to build up their faith and ideas about what it means to be a member of a Christian community. They asked hard questions and challenged even the most basic of ideas we’re taught to believe. 

We began by playing a simple video game called Thomas Was Alone to see how God interacted with us in the world. After Thomas Was Alone everyone came together in groups to build some type of structure to hold a Bible that could be used in church (look for new Bible stands during service soon!). Almost no one had designed, built, and finished an item like this before so Amos’ expertise was greatly needed.


Watching them work in a community and have fun was the perfect example of what faith in a church should and can look like. To finish off the process we gathered in a group to discuss a statement of faith, the signature of Confirmation. This was meant to reflect what they actually believed about faith in their own lives and the questions they desired to have answered. In the end, we have an awesome video of their own ideas about faith. As their leaders we could not be more proud of the journey these eleven amazing young people took and are so proud in how far they have come and how far they want to go.