Isaiah 52:7 Poster

In celebration and reflection of the season of Advent, we've created this poster. This season, PEACE is the main focus of our sermons and worship. But looking through all of the scripture selected for the coming weeks and Christmas Eve, there was another thread that seemed to pair nicely with the quiet idea of peace — nature. So often in this time of angels, heaven, stars, and miracles we overlook the simple beauty of the earth. Each week for the cover of the program we will have a snippet of scripture and an element of nature, similar to the poster. 

The poster (18 x 24 inches) will be screen printed with white ink on French Paper. The black paper was chosen to reflect the silent, peaceful darkness of Christmas. The white branches and pine are a complete encompassing circle, woven together and the type is intentionally hand-drawn and a little rough — not too perfect. 

The cost of each poster is $25, and we only have 50 to sell. The posters will be available for pick-up on Sunday December 20th. You may want to bring a tube to carry them home safely. If you would like to purchase a poster click on the button below. 

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