DOWNTOWN Kids | December 2015

Our DOWNTOWN Kids Director, Trina Randle, shares all the scoop on what's been happening over the last couple of months.

The Spirit of Giving

DTK children, families, and staff really demonstrated the spirit of giving in response to the floods of October.  The day after we woke up to the storms, I sent out messages for help to those who could travel safely and shortly after that, and over the next few days, there were small DTK crews shopping for books and toys, traveling to the various shelters, and spending time with children who had been displaced.  

Our DTK reach went farther than the city of Columbia.  Recently we found out that Fleming-Felder Head Start in Clarendon county lost most of the books in their library and the stuffed animals that had been displayed around the room.  On November 1st our young Downtowners organized assembly lines and packaged up eleven bags of books, stuffed animals and school supplies to help that school replenish their library.  The damage to the building is so bad they still are not able to go to school there, but they are so thankful for the things we provided and can’t wait to use them when the school repairs are done.

Getting Creative

Our Downtowners learned that Adam had the job of naming the first animals.  We thought it would be great to create animals that have never been seen before, and to give them unique names to match.  Our kids have great imaginations and it was so much fun for them to create the animal forms and functions. You have to wonder, did God have this much fun during the time of creation?

Movie Mornings

Movie morning was a big hit this month!  There is nothing like sitting in front of a big screen with your friends enjoying a movie.  We watched a Christian version of Nemo, an animated Bible -based adventure told in parable form.  We also saw a drama that featured children learning about The Ten Commandments and how they are applied in their lives.  We were left to think about our talents, what we are thankful for, and what amazing things God has done.  The movie mood was set perfectly with fresh Cromer’s popcorn and cold drinks.

Making Advent Wreaths

We worked on Advent wreaths for several weeks in November in preparation for Advent season. This is the time we traditionally celebrate Jesus’ coming to the world and the time we watch for Him to come again.  One the first day of Advent we lit the first purple candle in hope.  We will continue to learn about the meaning of the other three candles of peace, joy, and love.  

Looking Ahead

Once the grounds in Columbia dry out it will be time for us to prepare the beds for our spring vegetable gardens. We haven’t found the perfect location yet. If you know of a place that would work, please let us know.