The Snarky Email


Dear DTC member:

Two things are true at the end of every year:

  1. Your Christmas tree will die if it is real.
  2. Your church will send you an email reminding you about end of year giving.

If you have a fake tree, imagine that it is real and keep reading. If imagination is not your thing, we will put you on the prayer list. Life is too hard to deal with straight up. Sometimes you must imagine that the ice cream doesn’t have calories, that the office holiday party is going to be fun, and that your in-laws are looking forward to another Christmas with you.

Back to the trees and the money. Soon your tree will die and right now your church is sending you that email. It’s the end of the year.

So go and buy some presents for the people you love. And go linger by the shrimp cocktail at a party you have to attend. And then utilize one of the four methods below to exchange some of your Christmas spirit into money for the church.

  • Old School Spirit: put a check or cash in the basket on a Sunday.
  • Digital Spirit: Go to to use your checking account or credit card - type numbers
  • Postal Spirit: Mail a check to 1415 Blanding Street, Suite 6 Columbia, SC 29201 - find a stamp and a mailbox
  • Tax Deferring Spirit: Call your broker and transfer stock - call Janie Quinn (803) 730-3588 and your broker

The end of the year gifts we receive balance our budget for the year. Don’t be an imbalancer with a dead tree (or a fake one that is dead in your imagination).

If you want to see where your money goes when you give it to us, check out our nifty graphic on the website here

Sweet dreams,

Janie Quinn