Biscuits go great with Bible Study. The Guilds are groups of men that meet to consume flaky biscuits, drink coffee, share life, and encourage each other along their journeys of faith. The previous Sunday's sermon and scripture is where the conversation starts.

Who can come?

The guilds are open to men of all ages and handshakes. The groups are multi-generational because biscuits never get old.

When do they meet?

Two groups are open. They each meet every other week on Tuesday or Thursday morning at 7:00 AM.

Where will we meet?

The guilds meet at The Spot on Blanding. Click here for a map.

Will it ever end?

Yes, the guilds stay together for one year through May 2016.

How big are the guilds?

The guilds are capped at 8 participants. Between the two groups 10 spots are open.